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Star Lord Mask - Finished (For now)

So this is pretty much the finished product, it’s certainly not the best by any means, but for cardboard, hot glue, paper-maché, card and some spray paint, I’m happy with it.

It fits nicely, however the inside will probably make me high on spray paint fumes if I’m not careful, and I can see out of it, just a bit restricted but hey does the job! Just need my leather jacket, Sony Walkman and some classic headphones and I’m set for MCM in May next year! God I wish I could make MCM next weekend!

If you have any questions please ask!

Now, should I light the eyes?

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Star Lord Mask Update

So as we can see above, I needed to test the helmet actually fit before proceeding, and thankfully it did. The design actually also allows for adjustments if needed! The second picture along shows the helmet with smooth card over a papermaché base, which simply strengthens the helmet. 

The bottom picture I feel doesn’t need nor warrant an explanation.

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So although I shall not be attending MCM Expo in a couple of weeks (as I’ll be graduating!) i’ve still been busy working on a new cosplay project in preparation for May MCM next year! 

For those new to my blog, you’ll notice that my blog is mostly just the daily gif set, however I also like to keep you updated with ongoing cosplay projects. I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but I’ll keep you posted, you can probably all guess exactly what it is I’m going for already…


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